About Sound Cards

Sound Cards started as a creative and fun outlet for Limerick based Branding & Web Designer Amy McMahon. Used to working with business clients with specific briefs, this was a chance for Amy to explore her own typographic design style, while having fun with the Irish phrases she put on the cards.

Amy started this as a side project at the beginning of 2020. And when the pandemic hit in March and people’s lives were hugely restricted, they began looking for ways to reach out meaningfully to the loved ones they couldn’t see as easily anymore. The combination of the design style and heartfelt messages of Sound Cards, gave people the chance to express themselves in a unique way.

Since then Amy has extended the collection of cards to spread even more messages of joy, love and fun to homes all around Ireland and further afield.

Designed & printed in Ireland

Support a small Irish design business that also uses Irish suppliers for printing and packaging etc. Irishness is part of our DNA.

Printed on recycled card

Our greeting cards and thank you cards are printed on recycled card. All card is sourced from FSC certified forests.

Cards that sound like you

Celebrate the milestones of your loved ones by giving them greeting cards that use Irish turns of phrase, that you use in everyday life.